Fetch 'cleaned up' text gleaned from a node's subtree. Leading and trailing spaces are removed and separators are converted to single space.


returnedString = variableType("$treetext"[, number])

returnedString - type: str
variableType - type: N or X
number - type: int



Uses the parse tree as input, not text buffer. $treetext is analogous to $text. The difference between $treetext and $text is $text returns text from the input text buffer while $treetext returns text from the parse tree. If you have removed some nodes from a tree with an excise(), $treetext returns the text minus the excised elements, while $text returns everything in the input text buffer, including the text under excised nodes.






See Also

$text, $treeraw, $raw, , $xmltext, phraseraw, phrasetext, Special Variables