Add an empty attribute named nameString (one with no value) to the concept named concept.


returnedAttribute = addattr(concept, nameString);

returnedAttribute - type: attr
concept - type: con
nameString - type: str


A handle on the newly created attribute.


You may know an attribute before you know its value. With this function, you can create the attribute without mentioning a value. If a bad concept is passed, a warning is written to output log file - "Warning: Given no concept." Attribute names are unique, so if you try to add the same name more than once, i.e. if called repeatedly with the same arguments, the repeated call is ignored and only one attribute is added.


G("myConcept") = makeconcept(findroot(),"a concept");
G("myAttr") = addattr(G("myConcept"),"an attribute");
"output.txt" << attrname(G("myAttr")) << "\n";

This prints out the following to output.txt:

an attribute

See Also

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