Fetch concept-value of attribute attrNameString (must be first) belonging to concept concept.


returnedConcept = conval(concept, attrNameString)

returnedConcept - type: con
concept - type: con
attrNameString - type: str


returnedConcept - type: con


An attribute's value can be a concept, and conval returns attribute values of this type.  If an attribute has multiple values, it only fetches the first.  If it can't fetch a concept value, it returns 0.


First, create the concepts named words and noun as children to the root of the KB, then make the concept book a child of words.

G("words") = makeconcept(findroot(), "words");
G("noun") = makeconcept(findroot(),"noun");
G("noun_book") = makeconcept(G("words"),"book");

The KB editor at this point looks like:

Next, give book the attribute "is a" and make the concept noun be the value of book's attribute "is a":

G("an_attr") = addattr(G("noun_book"),"is a");
addconval(G("noun_book"), "is a", G("noun"));

The remaining code fetches the value of the "is a" attribute, i.e., the noun concept, and prints its name:

G("bConcept") = conval(G("noun_book"),"is a");

"output.txt" << conceptname(G("bConcept")) << "\n";

This prints the following to output.txt:


See Also

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