Find entire path of dictionary concept for the given string. (If not present, don't add the word.)


returnPathString = findwordpath(wordString)

returnPathString - type: str
wordString - type: str


If it exists, return the path to it. If it does not, return an empty string.


The dictionary is a specialized part of the KB hierarchy used to store and lookup words. You can see it with the KB editor, under concept > sys > dict. In order to speed up access to the dictionary, it is indexed by letters of the alphabet. The function findwordpath finds the complete path to a word, if it is already in the dictionary, including the parent concept names in the KB hierarchy. findwordpath includes the whole path, whereas wordindex only finds the parent concept. findwordpath is different from wordpath in that wordpath will create the entry in the dictionary if it is not there already, while findwordpath will not create the entry.


"output.txt" << "1 " << conceptname(addword("hello")) << "\n";
"output.txt" << "2 " << conceptname(wordindex("hello")) << "\n";
"output.txt" << "3 " << findwordpath("hello") << "\n";
"output.txt" << "4 " << findwordpath("olleh") << "\n";
"output.txt" << "5 " << wordpath("foobaz") << "\n";
"output.txt" << "6 " << conceptname(dictfindword("hello")) << \n";

Prints out:

1 hello
2 he
3 "concept" "sys" "dict" "a" "h" "he" "hello"
5 "concept" "sys" "dict" "a" "f" "fo" "foobaz"
6 hello

See Also

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