Tours and Tutorials

We have provided several tours and tutorials to help you get started with VisualText.  

VisualText Tours

There are two tours:  the VisualText Quick Tour and the Corporate Analyzer tour.  The Quick Tour introduces you to the major components of VisualText. The Corporate Analyzer walks you through the analyzer-building process.  We suggest you take the VisualText Quick Tour, study the tutorials, and then continue with the Corporate Analyzer tour.

VisualText Tutorials

Exercises in the form of tutorials have been provided to help you learn VisualText.  The tutorials in the Tutorials section give you a chance to create an analyzer using VisualText. A brief description of the tutorials and sample code is provided in the Tutorial Introduction. Various features and functions are explained as you go, with no attempt to be systematic about the meaning of all the menus, buttons and rules.