VisualText Help

The present Help documentation can be accessed by selecting VisualText Help from the Help Menu.

Help Stand-Alone Application

The Help documentation is also available as a stand-alone application, from the Windows Start button > Programs > VisualText > Help. The executable is located by default in the installation directory:

C:\Program Files\TextAI\VisualText\Help\Help.chm

VisualText Help System

The VisualText Help documentation is built using RoboHelp®, which is layered on top of HTML Help.  The Help system appears in a separate Help Viewer window and is used to navigate the help topics.  The Help Viewer tabs include:  Contents, Index, Search, and Glossary.  Each of these tabs is described below:

Contents: The Contents tab displays the sections and pages of the Help System.  To view the contents of a section or page, click on the item and the related topic is displayed in the Help Viewer.  The major divisions are:

Index:  The Index tab contains a list of keywords and subkeywords that are linked to topics in the Help system.  To view topics linked to index items, click on the keyword and select Display. You can also hit the return key and the related topic will appear in the Help Viewer.  When more than one topic is linked to a keyword, a Topics Found dialog opens.  From the list of topics, you can select the topic you want to view.

Search:  The Search tab allows you to search for instances of specified words in the Help system. When a word is found, the topics containing the word are listed.  To view the results, select the topic from the list and click Display.

Glossary:  The Glossary tab displays an alphabetical listing of technical terms related to VisualText.  Definitions for selected terms are displayed in the lower pane of the Glossary Tab.

Using Help

Documentation Feedback

Please send suggestions about our Help documentation to  This address is for documentation issues only.  For technical questions or comments, please send email to

Note: To see product information and version number, select Help > About VisualText.