Obtaining and Installing VisualText™

VisualText can be downloaded over the internet. In order to do this, contact Text Analysis International, Inc. for the appropriate password and file name.

Downloading VisualText

In most cases, you will download VisualText directly from the Text Analysis International website, at


You will be asked to type in your user name (usually your email address) and a password supplied when you purchased the product.  You will then select the download file and browse to a location on your machine for downloading the file.  Remember where you placed the downloaded file, as you will need to run it (e.g., by double-clicking on it) in order to install the product on you machine.  Follow the instructions in the popup screens of the installation program.

Some materials (e.g., sample tutorials) will be installed in the form of compressed .zip files. If you do not have decompression software to access these files, you can download WinZip from http://www.zdnet.com/downloads.

Downloading via FTP

In some cases, you may be given a password and instructions for downloading material from Text Analysis International via an FTP address.

Installing VisualText

Before starting the installation process, make sure the information on your computer is backed up.

Note: If you already have a version of VisualText on your computer, you must first remove the older version before you can install the newer one, as described below. Once you have done this, restart the install program to install the newer version.

Start the installation process by double clicking on the VisualText program icon in the directory where you downloaded the VisualText software. This will launch the VisualText InstallShield Wizard.

To Remove a Previous Installation of VisualText:

Note: It is not necessary nor will you be prompted to reboot your machine after an earlier version of the software has been removed.

To Install VisualText:


If you are installing VisualText and there was an older version on your machine, make sure that any shortcuts you've created point to the right one. Also, note that any subdirectories and files you may have created under the VisualText path will not be removed when you remove an existing installation. Therefore, you may wish to move or delete those old files. In addition, you can delete the compressed .zip download file to save space.

Installation Files

C:\Program Files\TextAI\VisualText\

Note: This default location is the assumed installation location in the tutorials and discussions in this documentation.


C:\Program Files\TextAI\VisualText\bin\VisualText.exe.

C:\Program Files\TextAI\VisualText\Help\Help.chm.

C:\Program Files\TextAI\VisualText\docs

The VisualText installation program creates a program folder containing the VisualText icon, Help documentation, and Release Notes in the Start menu under Programs > VisualText.

Release Report

A Release Report containing known issues and notes on features can be found in a file called ReleaseNotes.txt in the docs folder:

C:\Program Files\TextAI\VisualText\docs\ReleaseNotes.txt

To see a related list in the Help, refer to Programming Notes and Issues.