SEE NOTE BELOW.  Perform a reduction on the range of rule elements from node1 to node2 and name the group node labelString.  node1 and node2 should be a well-formed range in the current rule match.  For example from N(1) to N(3).


group(node1, node2, labelString)

node1- type: parse tree node
node2 - type: parse tree node
labelString - type: str



NOTE: the old group action has long been replaced by this more flexible group function. As of VisualText, the group function returns the reduce node that it creates, rather than a boolean "ok".  As with the action, the group function alters the element numbers of subsequent POST actions.

Unlike other reduce actions, group can be repeated.  The phrase element modifier group is analogous to this function.


L("n") = group(N(1),N(2),"_np");
"output.txt" << pnname(L("n")) << "\n";
_xNIL <- _det _noun _xWILD [s lookahead fail=(_noun)] @@

output.txt then gets an output like:


See Also

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