Grammar Region

A Grammar Region is where you write NLP++ rules and actions.

Region Marker and Action Regions

The Grammar Region consists of one or more @RULES markers with associated rules and optionally with associated action regions.  These action regions are the PRE Region, the CHECK Region, and the POST Region.  (See below.)

Grammar Zone in RECURSE Region

A RECURSE Region and the main Grammar Zone are the locations in which a Grammar Region may appear.

Grammar Region "Subregions"

The following "subregions" may appear within a Grammar Region, anchored by the RULES Region:




Actions that represent additional conditions on the matching of individual rule elements. NOTE: Does not allow general NLP++ code.


When a rule has matched, NLP++ code in this region checks for self-consistency and/or builds semantic data. A rule match may still be rejected from this region.


NLP++ code that operates once a rule match has been accepted.


Contains the actual NLP++ rules.

The end markers @@PRE, @@CHECK, @@POST, and @@RULES are optional.

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