Statements and Blocks

Expression Statement

NLP++ expressions can be treated as statements by terminating them with a semicolon.

Statements and Blocks

This too is modeled after the C programming language. Curly braces { and } delimit blocks of statements. Statements should end with a semicolon (;). A statement can be an arbitrary expression, a block, or fully nested if-else statements.

Assignment Statement

Assignment is treated as an expression rather than as a statement. As in C/C++, assignments can be chained.

If-Else Statement

NLP++ supports if-else statement syntax identical to C/C++.

While Statement

The only loop construct currently supported is the while loop. Here's an example that prints out 0 thru 9:

G("counter") = 0;
G("loop_limit") = 10;
while( G("counter") < G("loop_limit")) {
"output.txt" << "Loop counter = " << G("counter") << "\n";

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