TAIParse is a general analyzer for English.  It is the best starting point for many text analysis and information extraction tasks.

NOTE: The latest TAIParse release now includes its compiled run.dll library, making it easy to call outside VisualText.  (Still need VisualText installed for its runtime libraries).  The latest TAIParse ( at this time) will be placed at


NOTE 2: It is compiled with Microsoft Visual C++ 2008.  If you are running an older version, you'll need to compile it for yourself or get help from TAI.


Two older versions can still be downloaded from our website.

1. Part-of-speech tagger.  This is the latest version that focuses on accurate part-of-speech (POS) tagging.  The URL below is for a beta version at about 90% accuracy.  It can be run (and modified) within VisualText, and also can be run as a standalone executable program.  We also have available a newer version of the tagger at 94% accuracy -- contact TAI for licensing the absolute latest.


2. Another version of TAIParse is available, which incoporates a sample semantic analysis system.  The capabilities of this system are being migrated to the one above.