Editing the Knowledge Base with the KB Editor

The KB Editor displays the hierarchy of concepts in the Knowledge Base.  You can edit the Knowledge Base using NLP++ Functions or using the KB Editor.  

To open the KB Editor:

Tip: You can also  access the KB Editor from the KB Menu.

To move a concept in the Knowledge Base hierarchy:

  1. Select the concept you want to move.

  2. Using the Move Concept Up and Move Concept Down button on the Workspace toolbar, move the concept in the hierarchy.

Tip: You can also  move concepts using the Move Concept Up or Move Concept Down options in the KB Menu.




  1. A concept can only be moved within its own subhierarchy.  For example, you cannot move a child concept so that it becomes the parent concept.

  2. A concept should not be added to the dict hierarchy using the KB Editor.  To add a concept to the dict hierarchy, use NLP++ functions, or the add feature on the Attribute Editor.

To edit the attributes of a concept in the KB:

  1. Select a concept in the KB.

  2. Right-click and select Attributes from the menu.  This will bring up the Attribute Editor.  See Attribute Editor Description for details on the Attribute Editor buttons.