Dictionize Tool


The Dictionize Tool breaks up a file of alphabetized words or phrases into a set of word files.  The Dictionize Tool is a batch tool that can be used when adding new lexical items to the knowledge base.  


The Dictionize Tool can be accessed from several places within VisualText.  It can be accessed from the Text Tab Popup Menu under Tools, and from the Tools submenu in the Text File Popup Menu.

Using the Dictionize Tool

The Dictionize Tool expects an alphabetized list of words or phrases.  There should only be one word or phrase per line.  

To use the Dictionize Tool:

  1. Select the file containing the words or phrases in the Text Tab.

  2. Right-click and select Tools > Dictionize.  A set of folders and files corresponding to the indexes in the KB dictionary hierarchy are created in the same folder as the text file.  (You can also open the file in the Workspace and select Tools > Dictionize from the right-click menu.)