Jumble Tool


Jumble is a simple non-graphic tool that converts a text file to a version that facilitates studying the format of the file. Jumble randomly changes the order of letters in the text file leaving punctuation and capitalization intact.


The Jumble Tool can be accessed from several places within VisualText.  It can be accessed from the Text Tab Popup Menu under Tools, and from the Tools submenu in the Text File Popup Menu.

Using the Jumble Tool

To use the Jumble Tool:

  1. Select the text in the Text Tab.

  2. From the right-click Menu, select Tools > Jumble.  A .jmb (for jumble) file for the selected text is created in the same folder as the text.  (You can also open the text file in the Workspace and select Tools > Jumble from the right-click menu.)

Jumble Example