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Information extraction (IE) is the extraction of pre-specified information from a text.  The Corporate sample analyzer that comes with all versions of the VisualText® NLP IDE demonstrates the construction of an information extraction system for business events such as acquisitions & mergers, earning reports, and changes to company officers.  Information extraction systems are typically used to update a structured database.

TAIParse is a general analyzer for English that serves as an excellent starting point for building information extraction products.

We are also making available an advanced Resume Analyzer prototype, which extracts contact, experience, and education records from web resumes (plain text only).  Preliminary work to extract skill sets has also been performed. The Resume Analyzer is an excellent jumping off point for creating a product-grade information extraction system for employment resumes.  Also, it is a good model for building information extraction systems and use of the automated rule generation methods of the VisualText tools (or SDK, IDE, and so on).

While resumes constitute a restricted "domain of discourse," all authors of resumes attempt to create a distinctive look and feel. Accurate extraction of information from resumes is actually a difficult language analysis task because of the multitude of formats and conversions among file formats.

RESUME ANALYZER: The Resume Analyzer download and others require VisualText in order to run and compile to a C++ executable..  Caveat: The resume analyzer was written in 2001 and is not up to the latest TAI standards in NLP++ and  analyzer quality. It is a reference application using automated rule generation from samples (RUG).  To evaluate our analysis capabilities, please examine TAIParse instead.

Download the Resume Analyzer (geared to VisualText 2).

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