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"I started to learn the use of VisualText three years ago with version 1.5.  After working through all tutorials I was amazed by this program...I am in the situation now that I want to go really deeper into VisualText and NLP++ because it is I think the most innovative  application I have ever seen."

Dominik Holenstein
e-Business Professional
Zurich, Switzerland

"I think this is one of the most interesting tools I've ever seen. It's beautifully composed, and a pleasure to use (more accurately -- addicting!)"

Brian Wolf
Director of R&D
KnowledgeXtensions, Inc.

"VisualText is a highly promising platform for high volume and near real time text analysis."

Michael D. Young
General Manager
Social Science Automation, Inc.

"I'm overwhelmed at the linkages between the workspaces and the tabs -- being able to move through the passes in an analysis and have source text highlighted appropriately -- and being able to generate the different versions of the parse tree -- absolutely wonderful! My compliments to the chefs! "

Bob Bechtel
Senior Scientist
Eclectic Computing Concepts, Inc.

"All sorts of ideas for how to use VT are starting to ferment in the old brain. I even think that, for myself, just using it as the foundation of a database conversion consultancy would be rewarding.  A whole lot easier than writing a bunch of ad hoc C or Perl parsers."

Alan Jones
Carr-Jones Associates, Inc.
Arlington, Massachusetts